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Preparing Your Home For Estate Agent Photographs

Marketing your property in the right way is absolutely crucial to your chances of selling.

A huge 92% of buyers look online at properties on websites before even consulting an agent.

Your images have the potential to create a lasting first impression so it is imperative you have the best possible photographs of your home. The same room can look completely different based on the type and quality of the shot.

Preparation is key and the tips below will help to ensure your property looks its very best.

Placement of furniture - store away any excess pieces of furniture to create a feeling of space and make rooms look bigger. Place furniture in positions that provide as much space as possible and define a rooms purpose.

Declutter - keep accessories to a minimum, remove family photographs, children's drawings and de-personalise your home. Your potential buyers will want to vision themselves living in the property. Store away children's toys and pet beds/accessories.

Clean - Ensure your home is sparkling clean, focusing on bathrooms, kitchens and carpets. Clean windows and mirrors.

Light - let as much natural light in as possible, opening curtains and blinds. Turn on lamps where necessary to create mood lighting.

Staging and dressing - dress the table for dinner, make the beds with clean, ironed and neutral bed sheets. Invest in some new fresh and fluffy towels and hand wash for the bathrooms. Adding fresh flowers will help to create a positive first impression.

Tidy up outside - hide the bins, tidy up the garden and store away any toys. Mow the lawn and make sure the flowerbeds are presentable.

Touch up the interior - neutralise decor by painting over any brightly coloured walls, replace grout and sealant where necessary, touch up any paintwork and fix any cracks.

At The Interior Styling Company our specialists can assist with preparing your home for estate agent photographs, to make sure you give the very best first impression to potential buyers. We will ensure your home stands out from the rest in a very crowded property market. Contact us now for more information.

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